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  1. Wow, thanks for this beautiful piece Esteemed Pastor Ose ma …..O singer, sing on, praise the Lord……I pursue, overtake and recover all….. praise the Lord!!!!!!

  2. Pastor chris you have reached out to lots of people,that we want to thank you,you waste your money to show us all these news and the real things about the coronavirus,so thank you.

  3. I will pray as from 6:00 am to 6:15 am GMT+7, and as from 6:00pm to 6:15pm GMT+7.
    Its being so wonderful participating in the Global prayer program since it begon. The spirit of God is soo evident, and i am reachly blessed.

  4. Gloryyyyyy!!!! Its EDO MUSIC CARNIVAL.
    This Friday at Garrick memorial Field 6pm. All music super stars will be there.

  5. I am Bro KELVIN OSAJE from CE Giwaamu, Benin zone1..
    EDO MUSIC CARNIVAL is just the definition of perfection for me and I’m super excited and expectant concerning the program because I know YOU CANNOT WORSHIP AND WORRY AT THE SAME TIME.

  6. Thank you so much Pastor Amaechi sir. As one man am doing beyond the limits this year for the limitations are unreal. Hallelujah! Thank you for the reference from David and Jonathan’s story. Am super inspired to take action. Glorrrrrrry!

  7. It’s amazing when i tune in i’m so captivated that i quit doing any other thing to wathc this channel. It’s just a blessing.
    Merci pour cette opportunité que vous nous avez accordé d’etre beni par cette chaine.

    Brother Donald CE POINTE-NOIRE 1

  8. Thank you Pastor sir for this awesome program. I’m laughing my way through the storms. Hallelujah!

    #Cephzone 3

  9. Amazing night, Amazing inside Ghost. Awesome presence of the Holy Spirit. Glory ! Awesome prophecies! I am blessed. It’s a new level! #Lagzone2

  10. It;s the responsibility of a leader to communicate and drive the vision.

    A leader is a team player and takes responsibility for the actions of his subordinates

    Thank you Pastor sir for the topic: Leadership

    1. #PCLPrayathon2019

  11. #PCLPrayathon2019

  12. Praying for those in authority…..


  13. Gloryyyy! News saints birthed today!!
    Thank you Sir for the opportunity to pray.
    #Prayingnow# Ghana#CeAccraGhan

  14. Wao! Prayer is the key to unlocking the endless blessings of God. It is so refreshing to pray with Pastor Chris on set. It boast Christ consciousness in me. Thank you Pastor and Sister Lola for blessing us today.

    1. Thank you pastor for this awesome privilege. I love you beyond words sir… Omolola fagbohun
      BLW zone c

  15. Merry Christmas To Pastor Chris, Pastor Benny and all of Loveworld- May God Bless everyone abundantly during this holy season and for the New Year 2019.Keep me in prayer. Thanks !

  16. A great and victorious ministration.. It was really a blessing. The family of Maduakor we are all free from all kinds of contrabands.. Hallelujah

  17. Thank you for RHAPSODY sir. This book is from God to change peoples lives and encourage for billions. God blessyou Pastor Chris Sir Mightily. I love you dearly sir.

  18. Glory be to God…!
    Thank you Pastor for teaching us the word and for giving me the opportunity to be a part of this great tribe and family “Loveworld”. I am so grateful.

    1. Praise the Lord
      The first Telethon at LCA was awesome i didn’t think i had something at the time but the spirit og God told me to sow my phone and it was all that i had, while i was ministering as an usher a young lady approached me to sow her phone and she wants me to assist her to remove her sim card but it was a technical iphone of i couldnt remove it myself but i directed her to the church office in LCA and immediately she left i pulled out mine and remove my sim and memory card and sow it.,and that same week and month i got a contract to execute a project at the lagos port and i made good money that bought me two phones and of which i had to redeem some of my pledges was indeed a turnaround for me.,and today’s Telethon at LCC will take me higher and extablish Gods

    2. The goodness of God lead men to righteousness., Telethon at the midweek service was supernatural and glorious and its keeps moving from glory to glory just as by the spirit of Lord. The power of seed especially when it is many, God speaks in the THOUSAND…

      1. Thank you pastor , for give me the opportunity to pray in the mouth ofJune my life have change for one level of glroy to other,,,,

  19. I’m above only.
    I’m the head and not the tail

    Thank You Pastor Sir for this Telethon

  20. Wow! Awesome testimonies.
    The power of a seed!!!
    A woman sold a seed last Telethon for her son and her son has a testimony. Amazing!!

    Her son has also sown his seed in this Telethon.


  21. People need to be taught about repentance also, not just sowing seeds.. a lot of people including believers still living in sin !!!!

  22. Thank God for what He is using pastor Chris to do in life of people around the world and the wonderful deed’s and perfection of God’s word through Excellency, thank you pastor and God bless you abundantly above all U think, hallelujah.

  23. what a glorious time… Thank you to my Man of God, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, for the #YOURLOVEWORLD
    Well done to the award winning station LOVEWORLDPLUS!!!!!

    1. Thank you Pastor Chris and Pastor Benny for Telethon.. Tears dropdown my eyes now seeing the lord and His glory evident in the studio. Unusual anointing!! Jesus is real and made alive to me all over!! Glory to God
      CE Accra Ghana Zone
      CE Legon 5

  24. Thank You Pastor Sir for the opportunity to be a part of this telethon.
    Glory to God!

  25. Thank You Pastor Sir for the opportunity to be a part of this telethon
    Glory to God
    CE Abuja Ministry Centre

  26. Gloryyy!!! I’m full of excitement with another awesome opportunity with Divinity this week on Loveworld. Its going to be a time of real divine impact. I’m so excited, Praise God!!!


  28. Glory to GOD!!! We are causing changes and wining souls in multitudes all around the world. Halleluyah!!

    1. #my declaration~ i declare that my family is transported into divine realms of prosperity, divine health, victory, and progess in Jesus` Name. Amen

  29. #prayerweek
    #mydeclaration: He sent his word and healeth them all. that word is sent to my father now, perfecting everything concerning his health in Jesus name! Amen. I declare that i walk in supernatural health, no sickness nor infirmity can stay in my body in Jesus nane.

  30. Thank you Pastor sir for this awesome opportunity even far away at work, I can still connect and pray along.

  31. Thank you Pastor Sir for the opportunity to be part of this live broadcast. And to pray. #praying

  32. It is going to happen….. Gloryyyy…. Thank you Pastor Chris Sir and Pastor Benny Sir…. It is going to happen…..

  33. What an insightful experience….brings the Bible alive. Thank you Pastor Sir.
    I will not miss the next Holy Land Tour!

  34. How can I watch loveworld plus in Ghana? Can I please get the frequency to enable me watch on my decoder? Thanks

  35. Thank you my Dady, I have never met you face to face but my life and ministry have been and continue To .be impacted so deeply by your life and teachings. I am a finacial partner now but will meet you one day

  36. Thank you My mentor for the privilege to pray with you.
    WE are changing lives around the world.

    1. Great words from the Apostle of our time with a unique message to sweep bring the nations to the knowledge of of our great kingdom message. Thank you sir for changing lives through the gospel. I am privileged to be in this generation. #celagoszone3

  37. Praise the Lord, I just prayed for my Dad and Step Dad, they went in for medical operations and I’ve been believing God for flawless process, eventual healing and complete restoration to a perfect and wholesome state. Thank you Pastor Sir for Praying for them. I know they are all healed in Jesus Name!

  38. Praise God forever more!
    I’m a King and a Priest.
    I’ve got a Job- to serve God and to reign on this earth.
    #Lagos #Nigeria #BLWUnilag

    1. Oh yea! Glory to God! I am a new creation, a new person, a new type, the firt and the best!
      I have no past bcos old things have pass away! Glory allelujah

    2. I am walking in divine excellence, displaying perfection wherever I go……. Hunnnn manoman….. thank you so much Pastor Sir!

    3. Thanks so much Pastor Sir for our Messenger Angel, ‘’Rhapsody of realities”. We are truly blessed, the Church is blessed for the abundance of the messages you make available every day!!! Glory! Alleluia


  40. My bills are payed In the name of Jesus. #amen. My partnership has taken a 100 steps forward in all the partnership arms of the ministry in Jesus name#Amen

    1. Thanks Dear Lord Jesus for making Remission of Sins, Eternal life and Fellowship with God possible!

  41. My wife and I are flourishing in the glory and beauty of the Almighty God. My business is expanding in all directions. We are the blessed in Christ Jesus.

  42. The life of God is at work in my life. I am therefore more than conqueror. i live above this world and the system of this world. i am the blessed of the Almighty Gof

    1. I declare that OGB is delivered from alcoholism
      I declare that De Emma is healed and has children
      I declare that Alaezi is back home in Jesus name.
      Thank you Father.

  43. I see changes taking place all over the world for those who are yet to confess Jesus Christ as their Lord and personal Saviour doing so; the entire world rejoicing with the angels in heaven praising God”

  44. God has released His divine elixir upon me to cause me and my family to prosper in all things and to experience supernatural Strength,Supply,Blessings,Insight,Knowledge, Wisdom and Health everywhere.
    We are invoked in all things, We are involved with successful outcome and we go farthest than anyone else being infused with the Supernatural……… Amen.

  45. Thus says the Lord: VICTORY! VICTORY!! VICTORY!!! VICTORY!!!! ………In all you do, I have given you Victory.
    You have accomplished the Seven folds of the Supernatural I gave unto you the beginning of the year. All you need do is to follow my instructions.
    Do not go far away from me, keep to my word alway both in hearing and in doing.
    Hallelujah, Glory to God.

  46. Glorrry!! The word of God is increasing mightily in me. I am the light of the world.

    I declare that everywhere I go, positive things happen, I put smiles in the face of people, I carry God everywhere I go. Christ is my resident. I and my family are connected to God’s supply system,
    we are supernatural

  48. #PrayerRequest
    Prayer for my mother: her eyes will be made whole, every HPB is made normal, that she will live in supernatural health, she will dwell in health, no sickness or disease in any form will take her life untimely.
    Second: that all my brothers will come to the knowledge of the word of God, they will pit God first and that they are protected from any form of evil. They will prosper. No more wants, penury in their life.
    Most especially , I ask for financial open doors in my family.

  49. i want all the unconverted members of my family to receive Christ this year and join me in the ministry
    I am in CHRIST EMBASSY GABON Port Gentil

    also all the members of my cell are founded and deeply rooted in Christ and that my cell grows

    am sister marie AKENDEGUE from GABON


  51. #prayingnow
    #South Africa

    Thank you Sweet Holy Spirit. I declare that all my grandchildren are speaking in tongues in Jesus Name!!!

  52. I want God to give me a great football team and he should lead me to move from Ukraine to UK or Germany this particular month

  53. affirm that i have increased relevance for the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ and the ministry .

    2018 indeed the best year so far in every area of my life and rhe nations of the world belong to me.

    I give in the millions and the billions

    I am an ardemt sould winner with 100% retention of souls in my local assembly

    The world belongs to me


    1. I declare that I am Supernaturally supplied and I am financing the gospel in millions.
      I declare that my study of the Word, meditation and fellowship of the Holy Ghost has moved to another level.
      I declare that my progress is evident for all to see. Thank you Pastor Sir for impacting me with the word of God. I love you Pastor Sir.

  54. Thank you pastor Sir for the opportunity to be nurtured by you and for been my spiritual body is the temple of God.I declared that my horn is exalted above the nations. I’m alive to God spirit,soul and body

  55. I declare that I am God’s instrument, taking His word to every corner of the earth. I declare that He alone is God of my life. I declare that my family is moving upward and forward with supernatural speed and wisdom.


    1. I declare that the word of God is working mightly in me. I’m doing exploits for he kingdom. I preach boldly like never before. My life is upward and forward. I’m progressing in my career with supernatural speed. #mydeclaration #ireland

    2. I declare that am increasing on each side
      The glory of God is mightly working upon my life
      Am florishing from inside out, nd the word is perfecting my decision for greatness
      God’s counsel is perpetually prevailing in every aspect of my
      His plans nd purpose reign in my business in my family nd in my ministry
      in the name of Jesus Christ

  56. I declare that I am the righteousness of God. In God I live and move. The word of God is at work in every member of my family and each receive salvation freely. Amen

    1. #mydeclaration if it good , it belongs to me. am a child of the king accepted in the blood. the lines are falling unto me in pleasant places yea i got a goodly heritage. am the light of the world, a solution provider, an answer to the cry of many. Rich and influential. Rich in all currency. money answer to my demand. am a big time gospel financial. my wedding is graced and blessed. Glory to God

  57. I declare that the glory of God fills my life and overflows to my world.
    I declare that the Lord is my light and salvation

    1. #mydeclaration# I declare that I am the light of the world, salt of the earth. I declare that the good pleasure of the Lord prospers in my hand.

  58. #My declaration
    i declare that my visa application this year is successful
    I declare that My marriage plans will come to pass before the end of this
    I declare that everyone i know and my family is so committed in the things of GOD
    i declare that my fiance come to deeply understand the word and things of God
    I declare that our finances see a tremendous change
    #Accra Ghana
    #watching now

  59. I declare that I am blessed in every way. I fluorish in the work of the Lord and in His word. I declare that I am getting married this year. In Jesus name. Amen

  60. I affirm that I am making supernatural progress this year. No man can say no to me. I am favored all the days of my life. No weapon formed against me shall prosper. I affirm that I am the seed of Abraham, therefore, everything I lay my hands on is blessed. I affirm that as Jesus is so are mine. I affirm that all things are working together for my good this year and my heart desires are coming to past, for my family, my city and my country.

  61. j’affirme que ma foi en la parole de DIEU des resultats partout ou je vais. je declare la vie dans ma maison, mon lieu de travail, mes finances et dans ma cellule. j’affirme que ma foi à travers la parole de notre seigneur jesus christ produit une propagation de gains d’ames pour ma cellule et pour l’eglise de jesus christ.cote d’voire church yopougon 2


    I declare that Jesus is alive in me and alive in Nigeria., it is Jesus Everywhere. i am alive unto him.

  63. #my declarations
    God has set in motion the economic, financial, social and human resources for the development of south africa. i declare that the land is green, prosperous and filled with the goodness of God. i declare that the gospel has authority and has influenced the men in the corrridors of power in this world tofor the rapid increase and unretractable growth of the word. i declare that the evil tide of violence , greed and corruption is rebuked by the Power of God. i declare that many in nations where they have hitherto have restricted the gospel are turning their hearts in their millions to christ. i declare that the blessings of God is active in the nations of Africa

    1. #Praying
      #My declaration
      The word is growing mightily in me. That which concerns me is perfected of God! Am a blessing and l am financially loaded.
      My children are a joy for me and will wax great in the land of the living.

  64. I declare that Christ is my wisdom and He is in me both to will and to do His good pleasure. I am the Solution my nation and the whole world needs. Many are coming to the Kingdom of God through me in Jesus Name.

  65. #mydeclaration
    I declare that my visa process is a success & all the money and resources needed are made available by the power of the spirit
    I declare that I have a new accommodation and a job
    I declare my family finance business is flourishing like the cedar of Lebanon
    I declare that my spirit is in sync with God’s word and Wisdom
    I declare that this year is to me what has been declared of it
    I affirm that my faith in the word and the Lordship of my Lord Jesus Christ is unshakable now and forever more. Amen
    I affirm that my generation come to the knowledge of God’s word and he reveals himself to us like never before
    I affirm that my fiance come to the realise the imortance of God in her life and gives herself fully to the gospel

  66. #Praying Now
    The Lord Jesus Christ is glorified in and through me. The Church of Jesus Christ is exalted in all ramifications, waxing greater and stronger by the day, becoming bolder ceasing new territories as we proclaim His Liberty. Our Youth are alive to the revelation of Christ and are more than ever before committed to nation building. Hallelujah!

  67. #PrayingNow
    I affirm that my faith in the word and the Lordship of my Lord Jesus Christ is unshakable now and forever more. Amen

  68. Our God has been faithful during the course of the global prayer week, healings taking place. many people receiving salvation etc this can only be God. We will continue to worship and praise his name. #globalprayerweek #canada

  69. BHG…………… BolaofthemostHighGod, Praying from Nigeria

    this is a time of refreshing …………………….. Supernaturally everything

  70. gracias a dios .my pastor of ce madrid is also there, and we were blesss of that prophetic massage yesterday . pastor tony thank you very much. what a great ministry . our man of God pastor chris is a blessing to the world. Changes are being made, and the people of GOD is taking over. halleluya

  71. gracias a dios .my pastor of ce madrid is also there, and we were blesss of that prophetic massage yesterday . pastor tony thank you very much. what a great ministry . our man of God pastor chris is a blessing to the world. Changes are being made, and the people of GOD is taking over. halleluya


    1. Why can’t we hear the powerful prayers of our pastor and brothers and sisters? We really don’t need that elevator music covering up the word of God. That is exactly what the enemy likes, to distract us with empty nothingness while the will of God would be for us to understand and hear all that is being said!!! This is not entertainment, this is the work of God! Shut up this loud paste up music and let us hear the words of the spirit of God!!!

  73. The most intelligent mind can’t pray effectively, it’s the spirit’s prayer that’s most effective… ligradoskibade, oh glory! Thank you sweet spirit of God.

  74. Thank you Jesus, for answered prayer.
    Yes all their efforts has been brought to nought and their results has been made futile, glorrrrry!!!
    # Nigeria

  75. iI wonder what it will be like on friday evening when Pastor concludes this prayer and fasting.. am expecting great miracles this week becoz things are changing


  77. Amen! Thank you Pastor Sir for the opportunity to pray with you and brethren around the world. I Love You Sir! #CEPHZONE3

  78. Amen! Thank you Pastor Sir for the opportunity to pray with you and brethren around the world. I Love You Sir! #CEPHZONE3

    1. #Prayingnow#CelvzNigeria
      Thank you Pastor Sir for the privilege to pray with you and make power available to cause changes.

    1. Praying Sir, in Durban South Africa. Thank you for the opportunity to pray with you!!


    1. The life of God is at work in me, and in the life of my all my loved ones. The Spirit of God that raised up Christ from the dead dwells in us, so therefore , He vitalizes every cell of our blood and every fiber of our being, Divine health is ours. Shalom Shalom is at work in us in all that we do. We are the seed of Abraham and therefore we have the blessings of Abraham. We live in health even as our souls prosper.
      My sufficiency of of God, the mimshach anointing is at work in me, therefore, everyone and everything around me is blessed, Every unsaved souls that i ever come in contact with receives salvation and become a soul winner too.
      The Spirit of God in me makes a live transformer. Hallelujah!!!!!!!

  79. Thank you lord for the message of prosperity, breakthrough and great exploitation. And I really thank our father in lord pastor chris, mccdonald e.t.c that bless me with their message and the enlightement, and blessing in sowing a seed. Thank you and I pray that God almighty will continue to strengthen you more and more in jesus name.

  80. I am so blessed and lifted. Thank you so much pastor for this great privilege to be a partaker of this glorious spiritual upliftment

  81. Everything about me this moving at a supernatural swift shift in the real of the Holy spirit in Jesus’ name. Amen!!

  82. Everything in my lift is shifting towards the Supernatural. Supernatural Swift shift, Supernatural Break outs and Supernatural Break in.. Glory to God. Thank you Pastor Chris…..

  83. The wealth of the sinner is mine in Jesus Name. Today i declare that money is coming to me supernatural. I receive Supernatural wealth transfer in Jesus Name. I declare Supernatural Swift shift in Jesus Name. Thank you Pastor Chris Sir.

  84. Thank you so much Pastor Chris for this wonderful opportunity to hear these cosmic words from God that bishop shared this Wednesday morning…WOW. Am sure alot of people will be clear on this tithe issue that the devil is trying to limit people

  85. “God wants you to spend your faith like money”- Bishop Clarence McClendon.

    Am glad I have the spirit of Faith!!! Thank you Pastor Chris for being my Teacher.

  86. This is heaven on earth season. I cant describe it in any word. The move of the spirit is so mighty. Thank you Pastor for blessing us so greatly. Its already like the year is rounding off so fast and its just January 15th, Its by the spirit. We can achieve so much. Am eternal grateful. Awesome God!!!

  87. You are not supposed to be working for a living, but you are supposed to be giving (seeding) for a living. Men can decide you paycheck but they cannot decide your income. God want me to give of the fruit of my labour and to live of the fruit of my harvest.