#Trending 002

It’s another exciting ride on #Trending, Sinach Live in Concert which held in South Africa got lots of posts, comments and compliments on Kingschat before and after the event. Other trending posts are #totalexperienceportharcourt happening in October 2016 and #LoveworldPlusSpreading.

Trending is the show where we bring social media to you, we elaborate on trends, from our social media platforms: KingsChat, Yookos, Loveworld Plus, Loveworld News etc

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  1. …preparation on top gear for #totalexperienceogunstate with Evang. Dr Eddy owase…

    It was a powerful session of planning for the program as committee leaders and team heads meet with the Zonal Pastor; Pastor Gabriel Omoregeva’s on an August preparatory visit…. we are honoured to have you sir…

  2. #totalexperienceogunstate with Evang. Dr. Eddy Owase is coming up live in Abeokuta the state capital. The excitement is in the air and I have been saddle with the responsibility by the group pastor; Pastor Benjamin Abe-Peters to give LWPLUS live feeds of happenings before, during and after the program… I am Brother Adetola Oni-Orisan


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