On The Street with a Keke Driver

Lagos, the swelling metropolis of approximately 20 million people
is known for its poor transportation network.
To get from point a to b, Lagosians, who don’t have cars or
possess the financial means to take cabs, use motorcycles
(known as okadas), commercial buses (known as Danfos) or
tricycles (known as keke napep or keke marwa) to get around.
While these modes of transportation differ, they have one thing in
common- rough and unpolished drivers.
The chances of seeing a gentlemanly driver on the streets of
Lagos is the same as finding a needle in a haystack. it is difficult
but not impossible.
The corporate keke driver Samuel Ogundare is that needle in the
Samuel Ogundare is not your average Lagos tricycle driver. Here
is why he is different?

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