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Light Up Your World Conference 2019, a mega soul-winning conference that is geared towards inspiring and stirring up Christians all around the world to make definite and conscious plans to illuminate their world through soul winning.

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Thursday 23rd May, 2019 @ 4PM Pacific Time.

Friday 24th May, 2019 @ 7PM SA Time.

Saturday 25th May, 2019 @ 7PM GMT+1.

Sunday 26th May, 2019 @ 7PM GMT+1.

Showing on Loveworld Networks Platform via Satellite & online.


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  1. Your comment *Thank so much my Mentor and my Teacher for the glorious opportunity to be part of this soul winning conference. The heavens are rejoicing over those souls won. Increase Grace Sir, I love you so much.

  2. Thanks you so much my Dearest MOG, Rev. .Dr. Chris Oyakhilome for the opportunity to participate in the on going Light Up Your World programme. It’s been quite inspiring. We love you dearly Sir
    # CEBenin Zone1


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