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The Agenda – Nigeria At 60

Surely, 60 years is a significant number in the life of an individual and also that of a nation. It is therefore apposite that it is also a time for stock taking. A time to check how far we have come as a people: Are our people living well? Are our children in good schools? […]

The Agenda – Ghana Nigeria Relations And Mali Coup

Nigeria and its West African neighbor are at a crossroad as Nigerian traders decry the unlawful closure of their shops ghana however vows to shut more foreign-owned shops as dispute deepens Traders have taken the matter to the fed Govt demanding a solution but the reaction from Ghana’s Govt will continue to enforce laws (foreign […]

The Agenda – Africa’s Youth Population Boom; Burden Or Opportunity?

In Africa, the number of youth is growing rapidly. In 2015, 226 million youth aged 15-24 lived in Africa, accounting for 19 per cent of the global youth population. By 2030, it is projected that the number of youth in Africa will have increased by 42 per cent. What does this represent for the continent […]

The Agenda – Era of Sweeping Powers

Henry Williams is joined by two distinguished analysts as they discuss the controversy surrounding the Sweeping Powers given to governments in the name of Disease control. What is your take?

The Agenda – Educational System in Africa

The Covid-19 pandemic has brought untold challenges on the African Continent especially in the educational sector! How does Africa deal with this paradigm shift? Henry Williams is joined by distinguished guests on the show. Be enlightened!

The Agenda – Africa-China Relations

African countries are boiling over accounts that Africans are battling stigma & discrimination in China over the coronavirus pandemic. With China being one of Africa’s recent benefactors what does this portend for Africa China relations. On this edition of the Agenda Henry is joined by distinguished analysts as they take a look at all the […]

The Agenda – Africa’s Search For Exemplary Leadership

The Mo Ibrahim Foundation recently announced that there is no winner of the 2019 Ibrahim Prize for Achievement in African Leadership. Does this indicate a dearth of exemplary leadership in Africa or should the award look beyond the political class? Henry is joined by distinguished analysts as they discuss the facts and sides.

The Agenda – Coronavirus Pandemic. Is Africa Immune?

Covid-19 has been declared a pandemic yet one of the world’s most vulnerable regions, Africa has so far been almost spared – and experts are baffled. Does africa possess some level of immunity? Henry & his distinguished guests discuss all the facts and the sides on this episode. Be informed.

The Agenda – CFA Franc Reform

Henry is joined by two distinguished analysts; Nnamdi Abana & Sunday Odibashi, as they take a look at the recent CFA Franc reform in 8 countries in West Africa.

The Agenda – Xenophobic Attacks

Henry is joined by a Political Affairs Analyst, Uwem Akangson, as they talk a look at the recent Xenophobic attack in South Africa & the burden of freedom on South Africa.

The Agenda – Xenophobic Attack

Henry Williams is joined by two distinguished analysts as they discuss the recent Xenophobic attack in South Africa and how it impacts on the African Unity.

The Agenda – Regional Integration

Is Regional Integration the answer to tackling poverty in Africa? Henry Williams is joined by two distinguished analysts as they take a look at the 54th Meeting of the African Development Bank with the theme: Regional Integration for Africa’s Economic Prosperity.

The Agenda – Abortion & Child Sexuality Education

Are Comprehensive Sexuality Education(CSE) and Abortion Clinics a war against the African Child? Henry Williams is joined by a Pro-Life Activist, Jerry Okwuosa as they discuss Child Sexuality Education & the agenda to promote abortion in Africa by Marie Stopes.

Nigeria’s Foreign Policy Thrust

On this edition of The Agenda, we are joined by two distinguished analysts, Efem Nkam Ubi & Dayo Fagbolu, as we discuss Nigeria’s Foreign Policy thrust & Nigeria- China relations.

The Agenda with Prince Uzeme

On this edition of the Agenda, Henry Williams is joined by Prince Uzeme, as they take a look at the democratic experience in Nigeria and how it affects the continent of Africa.

The Agenda – Industrializing Africa

On this edition of The Agenda, Henry is joined by Sunday Odibashi, Deputy Editor; National Daily Newspaper, as they take a look at the 2019 Economic Oulook with focus on industrializing Africa. Showing Every Thursday by 7:00PM GMT+1 on Loveworld Plus TV,

The Agenda: Fostering Development For Africa

We are joined by a Political Analyst, Barr. Prince Uzeme, as we discuss ways of fostering Development, Progress & Growth for Africa. It’s insightful. Showing on Loveworld Plus, Thursday by 7PM GMT+1. The Agenda.

The Agenda: Hope Rising For Africa – FALA

There is a new crop of leaders emerging on the African continent, hand picked by the Future Africa Leaders Foundation, brain child of the President of the Loveworld Incorporated, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome! On this edition of The Agenda, we are joined by the Publisher of the National Daily Newspapers, Sylvester Ebodaghe, as we take a […]

Girl Child: Surviving In A Male Dominated Society

The International Day of the Girl Child, themed “With Her: A Skilled Girl Force” held on 11 October. The 1.1 billion girls of today’s world are challenging the status quo. They’re redefining girlhood, and they’re doing so against the odds. Across the world, girls face adversities that hinder their education, training and entry into the […]

The Agenda – Africa China Relations

Is the move by China an Economic Empowerment or Re-Colonization? Henry Williams is joined by Efem Ubi; Senior Researcher Nigeria Institute of International Affair, as they take a critical look at the implication or benefits of this development.

Africa-US-China Trade Relations

Before being sacked last month, former US secretary of state, Rex Tillerson, said African Countries should be careful not to forfeit their sovereignty when they accept loans from continent’s biggest trading partner; China. On this edition we are joined by a political analyst, Sunday Odibachi as we take a look at the Africa-China & USA […]

Cameroon Anglophone Crisis

Cameroon seems to be confronted by a situation that threatens to destabilize what could be called a relatively stable country in a largely volatile and Central African region. Watch as we take a look at the situation in Cameroon and the cause of the protest that has sparked violence in the English speaking region.

Human Trafficking & Child Labour

Human Trafficking & Child Labour is a modern form of slavery, characterized by child marriage, prostitution & labour. On this edition of “The Agenda”, we will be taking a look at the causes and how it can be tackled.

The Agenda – Kenyan Supreme Court Judgement

On this edition of The Agenda, we will be taking a look at the landmark court ruling in Kenya, is it a new horizon or pathway for conduct of election in Africa? To discuss this, we are joined by a political analyst, Achike Chude.

The Agenda- Sierra Leone Election

On today’s edition of the show, we take a look at Sierra leone’s general election in what analysts say is one of the keenly contested races in the country’s history amongst other subjects. We are joined by the deputy editor; National Daily, Sunday Odibashi.

The Agenda – South Africa Politics | Cameroon Crisis

On today’s edition, Cameroon President, Paul Biya says calm has been restored after weeks of unrest in troubled southern anglophone region also Jacob Zuma finally bows to pressure from his party, ANC. Joining Henry Williams are two distinguished Political analysts as they discuss these trending African news.

The Agenda – Humanitarian Crisis

Eighty(80) Percent of humanitarian aid are driven by conflict with Africa worst hit, as millions are trapped in conflict zones across the continent including Nigeria. We are joined by distinguished 2017 FALA Star Prize Winner, Naomi Ekpoki Aliyu & FALA Ambassador, Wisdom Jacob as we take a look at humanitarian crisis in Africa.

The Agenda – NGO Regulation Bill

On this edition of The Agenda, we are joined by a Political Affairs Analyst, Barrister Destiny Takon, as we take a look at the NGO Regulation Bill which is presently being considered by the Nigeria’s House of Representatives which perhaps qualifies as the most dangerous piece of legislation to come before the National Assembly since […]

Is Dictatorship African Style of Governance?

On this edition of The Agenda, we will be taking a look at Dictatorship against Democracy with special focus on the president of Tanzania, John Magufuli. We are joined by two distinguished political analysts, Gbola Oba & Kelechi Deca .

The Agenda- Morocco Moves To Join ECOWAS

In Africa, Morocco has officially initiated diplomatic moves to just ECOWAS, but geographically speaking; Morocco is not a West African State. What are the implications? We are joined by Odebashi, a Political Analyst, as we look critically into this discourse.

The Agenda – AU Summit

On this episode of The Agenda, we are joined by Samuel Andrew, African Affairs Analyst, as we take a look at the 29th session of the African Union Summit that took place in Addis Ababa…

The Agenda – Impact of US Travel Ban

President Trumps decision to halt all refugee admission and temporarily bar people from seven Muslim majority countries has sparked protest across the globe and we are joined by distinguished Public Commentators & Analysts, Richard Nwankwo & Achike Chude to discuss the issues…

The Agenda – Kenyan Health System | Int’l Labour Law

With the Medic strike that threatens to paralyze the Kenya’s public health system since December 5th, which saw Seven(7) officials from the Doctors’ Union put behind bar for their refusal to end the strike but recently got a bail.. Henry Williams is being joined by distinguished Public Affair Analyst, Clement Eko & our Correspondent from […]

The Agenda – African Union Summit 2017

On this edition of the Agenda we are joined by Prince Uzeme Olomu- Agbodo as we discuss the recently concluded AU Summit in Ethiopia, which had a new chairman of the commission installed and the call by the AU for his leaders to pull out of International Criminal Court…

The Agenda – Gambia Politics | African-American Relation

On this Edition of The Agenda, we are joined by two distinguished guests, Sylvester Ebhodagbe; Editor in Chief, National Daily Newspaper & Ifeanyi Nweogu; Political Affairs Analyst as we discuss the prospects for the future of Gambia after the departure of Yahya Jammeh also we will also be discussing the African- American Relation as President […]

Gambia Leadership Crisis

With the current Leadership Impasse in Gambia and the ECOWAS resolution to install Adama Barrow, we are joined by two analysts on The Agenda as we discuss the modalities of the present situation…

The Agenda – International Criminal Court

What are the implications, if African Countries withdraw from the International Criminal Court? On this episode, Ifeanyi Nwaogu, a Public Affairs Analyst, helps to analyse the possibilities and implications.

South Africa Municipal Election

The recent municipal elections, ANC, the ruling party loses in major strongholds. Join us as we take a look at the facts and sides, South Africa politics enters new era…

Africa’s Looming Humanitarian Crisis

As the world marks the World Humanitarian Day, it provides the opportunity to acknowledge the effort of those that lost their lives and those at the forefront of ending global humanitarian challenge… On this edition, we are joined by a social commentator & public policy Analyst, Achike Chude and also our correspondent Odeh Friday joined […]

The Agenda – Women Participation in Politics & Governance

Available reports show that women still constitutes a disproportionately small percentage of those participating in political decision & leadership in Africa. We are joined by two eminent personality who are leaders, to discuss the challenges faced by women in politic and leadership involvement in Africa.
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