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The Court House – Writs

Writs are one of the main forms of commencing actions in court. On this edition of your number one legal talk show, we are joined by Barrister Destiny Obun Takon as we discuss all that you need to know about “WRITS”.

The Court House – Electoral Act

On this episode of The Court House, Itohan Olomu-Agbodo is joined by Barrister John Kemhi as they explore the amended 2010 Electoral Act, in Nigeria. Also in the question & answer segment, ‘Ask The Law”, we will be taking a look at the valid notice to quit in Landlord & tenant relation.

The Court House : Self-Help

Self- help refers to individuals’ implementation of their rights without resorting to legal writ or consultation of higher authority. Itohan Olomu-Agbodo is joined by a legal practitioner & Managing Partner, Glenville Solicitors; Kameos Omosivbe, as they take a critical look at Self-help.

The Court House – Diligent Prosecution

Diligent Prosecution is the requirement on the prosecution to move a case along by avoiding undue delays so that justice can be served on time. We are joined by a Legal Practitioner, Prince Uzeme, as he expounds on what the Lack or Want of a diligent prosecution means. Find out more!

The Court House – Malicious Prosecution

Malicious prosecution has to do with initiation of criminal or civil proceedings without probable cause. On this Special Dec7 Celebration edition, we are joined by a Legal Practitioner, Destiny Obun Takon, as he gives a deeper insight into the concept of Malicious prosecution.