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Teens on Fire – Keeping Godly Friends

Wrong friends always negatively impact on a person’s character! On this insightful edition of Teens on Fire Revamp, we will be discussing the importance of keeping the right company as it applies to teenagers & youths in our world today.

Teens on Fire – Making Global Impacts

Success is making things around you happen, in your world today, which is the right mind set you should have to make impact in your world. On this edition of Teens on Fire, we will be discussing “Making Global Impact” and improving your world.

Teens on Fire – No Excuses

There are thousand excuses for failure but never a good reason! Losers make excuses; winners make progress! Why are people more successful than other? why do some people make more money than others? These are more questions will be intuitively answered in this episode by our fire brand Teenagers. Watch and be inspired!

Are You a Plus Or Minus Person?

#TeensOnFire On this insightful episode of Teens On Fire, we would be sharing thoughts on Minus & Plus persons, their characteristics and how to live out the Plus Nature in our being… A must watch for every teenager in our world! #Watch #Share