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On The Street -Local Hair Style

Hairstyles in many cultures play a great role, and the Yoruba people are one of those people who have diverse styles not just for beautification but as a means of differentiation. Since the trend of wigs and weavon started, one would hardly find a stylist who could make this traditional hairstyles. Today’s episode of “On […]

On The Street – Pure water Nylon Recycler

A Lagos-born young entrepreneur is helping people around him live an affordable life by making use of used pure water nylon bags to make coats, shoes, car covers and bags. He says his tri-pod cycle initiative is aimed at a long term plan to see that every sachet water nylon becomes valuable after usage. Meet […]

On The Street – Wash lady

Rosemary, A single mother of 2 tried all that she could to survive and feed her 2 kids but to no avail. Her resilience to give her two daughters a comfortable life, she started washing clothes in order to survive. Watch this inspiring episode of “On the Street”

On The Street with a Keke Driver

Lagos, the swelling metropolis of approximately 20 million people is known for its poor transportation network. To get from point a to b, Lagosians, who don’t have cars or possess the financial means to take cabs, use motorcycles (known as okadas), commercial buses (known as Danfos) or tricycles (known as keke napep or keke marwa) […]

On the Street with Elizabeth

Homelessness has remained a global issue that has affected thousands of people all around the world. Yet with no permanent solution to this menace, Forceful eviction was the case of Elizabeth, a 22 year old lady who was evicted from their home the day her father died. With no one to run to for help, […]

On The Street with a Plantain Seller

Roasted Plantain also known as "BOLI" is a snack loved by every Nigerian and this snack is seen almost on every corner of the streets of Lagos. At a tender age, she was saddled with the responsibility of taking care of 8 younger ones due to the demise of both parents. Determined to take care […]

On The Street with Mama Kay

Street food sold by a hawker, or vendor, in a street or other public place, such as at a market or fair is often sold from a portable food booth, food cart, or food truck. Most street foods are said to be cheaper and sweeter compared to restaurant meals. Meanwhile, according to a 2007 study […]

On The Street – Dec 7 Special Edition

This a special edition of On The Street with Cheeoma, in commemoration of Pastor Chris’ birthday! Be inspired as people on the streets talk about the impact of the message of the Man of God.
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