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Against All Odds – Testimony of Financial Miracle

❃On this episode of Against All Odds , Mr Kayode takes us on a journey of patience, perseverance, and faith in God’s word that brought about testimonies of  financial miracles & fruitfulness in his life… Watch this extraordinary, life transforming episode and be inspired.. Our God is still alive, doing good!❃

Against All Odds – Speedy recovery from severe attack

They that observe lying vanities, forsake their own mercy… She was attacked by a dog, diagnosed of various ailments… You will be thoroughly blessed by this testimony of a young lady who experienced speedy healing  by speaking health to her body, against all odds… Our God is still alive, doing good!

Against All Odds- Victory over Kidney Stone

The word of God works! Erasmus’ healing is extraordinary , using the word of God and refusing the reports of the doctors… hear his extraordinary testimony now! Our God is still alive, doing Good . If only you will believe , you will see the glory of God…

Resurrected: Dead for more than 8 hours !

Against All Odds – Awesome story! A woman of faith resurrects on her way to the morgue, eight hours after being pronounced dead…. a true life experience, hear her testimony! The avenger of death returned empty… Our God is still alive changing lives… Watch now and be inspired! Watch more episodes of “Against all odds” […]