Against All Odds89 Videos


Victory over Death

This is another inspiring testimony of God’s goodness from a beautiful couple, Pastor Kelvin & Dcns. Ivie Enabulele, in the city of Port Harcourt! Our God is indeed a gracious & kind! Watch & be inspired!

An Encounter with Armed Bandits

Irrespective of what you see or face, God is faithful, gracious & kind! This is a must watch testimony of an encounter with armed robbers, but against all odds, Pet Christ triumphed with everything stolen restored!

Taking Charge with the Word

You will be blessed watching this inspiring testimony by Millicent Albert on Against All Odds. On this edition, She recounts how she surmounted several daunting situations with the Word! The Word of God works!

Catapulted into Wealth

The means to give was not available, even food for the stomach was battle; how then could a Pastor mandate Ola to give! By his Sheer obedience, floodgate of wealth opened up for Ola. Watch this inspiring episode of Against All Odds and witness the awesome manifestation of God’s divine ability.

The Word Prevailed

It all began with light sneezing; the touch of cold water & it’s impact became dreadful, as medications failed, only the Word & faith could prevail. Watch this inspiring edition of Against All Odds and be blessed!

Mercy Over Judgement

God’s mercy prevails over judgement for Mummy Grace as the evil incantation on her Deaf & Dumb grand son; over a stolen phone was reversed! Watch this inspiring testimony and be blessed!

God or Marital Home? A Hard Choice!

Watch this powerful & inspiring episode of Against All Odds! She was a former First Lady in the military era. It was a clash of the Titans in her marriage as her Christian faith clashed with the late Major General’s believe in tradition! All they built together collapsed, her marriage was lost, the tears flowed […]

The Tall Order of Faith

Another domestic accident! This time, diagnosis confines her to a life time of limping! She set in motion the law of the supernatural by her faith declarations, the knee operation was successful, her healing a marvel to the doctors! She’s all fit and got her swag back on heels! Watch this inspiring testimony and be […]

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