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Kenya court postpones decision on homosexuality laws

Kenya’s High Court on Friday postponed a much-anticipated ruling on whether to scrap colonial-era laws which criminalise homosexuality, citing a heavy case load. “The files are above my height… we are still working,” said Chacha Mwita, one of the judges, who added that one of his colleagues was on leave and other members of the […]

Ugandan ruling party backs Museveni re-election bid

The executive committee of Uganda’s ruling National Resistance Movement has endorsed President Yoweri Museveni as its candidate in the next presidential election due in 2021, potentially extending his tenure to 40 years. Museveni, 74, has held office since 1986 when he took power after a five-year guerrilla war, making him one of Africa’s longest-ruling leaders. […]

Cameroon opposition leader charged with ‘rebellion’

Cameroon opposition leader Maurice Kamto, who says he was cheated out of the presidency in elections last year, has been charged with “rebellion” and “insurrection”, one of his lawyers said Wednesday. The former government minister was arrested in the economic capital Douala on January 28 after his MRC party organised protests in cities against last […]

Thousands protest against job losses in South Africa

Thousands of South African workers staged nationwide demonstrations on Wednesday to protest high unemployment and government policies that they say have failed to create jobs and are deepening poverty. Workers dressed in red t-shirts, showing their loyalty to the trade union movement, gathered in the southeastern port city of Durban, Johannesburg and other locations for […]

South Africa’s Eskom carries out biggest power cuts in years

South Africa’s Eskom implemented the most severe power cuts in years on Monday after seven generating units unexpectedly went offline, underscoring the challenge President Cyril Ramaphosa faces to fix the struggling state-owned utility. Ramaphosa is trying to reform cash-strapped Eskom, which supplies more than 90 percent of the power in Africa’s most industrialised economy but […]

Zimbabwe teachers’ unions suspend national strike

Zimbabwean teachers have suspended a national strike seeking better pay, unions said on Sunday, but warned that they could walk out from their jobs again if the government did not meet their demands. Teachers went on strike on Feb. 5 after negotiations between the government and public-sector workers broke down, heightening political tension after last […]

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