Autopsy shows Lulu-Briggs died of ‘right lung infarction’

The Pathology laboratory of the ISO-certified 37 Military Hospital in Ghana has finally released the autopsy report for revered Nigerian philanthropist, Dr Olu Benson Lulu-Briggs.

According to the result which was released late Tuesday following the orders of the Supreme Court of Ghana, the deceased reportedly did not die a violent death and this rules out the insinuations by some quarters of his relatives that he was murdered.

The cause of death of the High Chief as stated in his autopsy report was “right lung infarction and severe haemorrhages in both lungs due to or as a consequence of pulmonary thromboembolism, the most likely source is inferior vena cava, site of filter.”

Other significant conditions contributing to the death of the 88-year-old statesman were said to be “congestive cardiac failure, hypertensive heart and kidney disease.”

The autopsy report, signed by both Dr Seth Attoh, the officer-in-charge of Pathology Division of 37 Military Hospital in Ghana and Dr Lawrence Edusei, the Specialist Pathologist of the same hospital, also indicated the following significant pathological findings on the deceased: Hypertensive heart disease, complicated atherosclerosis of aorta and major vessels, right lung infarction with severe haemorrhages, chronic congestion of the liver, hypertensive nephropathy and many other debilitating pathologies.

The autopsy was carried out on Lulu-Briggs on the 19th of July 2019 at the 37 Military Hospital with the participation of all family members of the deceased. It was embarked upon based on a police report, which claimed among others, that “the children suggest that the deceased died a violent or unnatural death or has died a death of which the cause is unknown at present.” A petition by the three eldest of the deceased’s seven children instigated the police report, it was learnt.

With the eventual release of the autopsy report after months of litigations to have it blocked in defiance of a High Court ruling, the coast now seems clear for the much-anticipated burial of the late high chief. The released report most importantly vindicates accused widow of the deceased, Dr. Mrs. Seinye O. B. Lulu-Briggs, who had always maintained her innocence.

According to a statement by her spokesman Oraye St. Franklyn, “Every person of good conscience who knew how well Dr. Mrs. Seinye Lulu-Briggs loved and cared for her husband, a man who endured many ailments, knew from the onset that this path was unnecessary.

“Today, the released autopsy report shows exactly that. The man died of natural causes and not of a violent cause as alleged. He was 88 years old and had lived a very fulfilled life to the glory of God Almighty.

“The least he deserved was a befitting burial and the preservation of his glowing legacies and not this tortuous path. One is hoping this report can now clear the way for his final rest.”

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